Claude Monet's 'Poppy Field' Claude Monet's 'Poppy Field'
The then Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Defence Secretary Des Browne expressed regret on learning of the one hundredth military casualty in Afghanistan.
Ecclesiastes Ecclesiastes -
"rejoice, O' young man
In thy youth, and let thy
Heart cheer thee in the
Days of thy youth, and walk
In the ways of thy heart"

The Hundred

It's like the top of the whole world, he thought
Shading his eyes from the sun,
In the valley the horses ran, birds rose from water
And the soldier smiled and stood a while
Gazing upon the scene below.

There came a lady along that road
Seeing not the man
With the golden sun-corn hair,
Unseen now, her son
Who once had suckled her breast,
She paused and passed
And never heard him say,
Mother, I love you
For I returned today,
Still unhearing, she passed him by
And only the cattle looked
To see him cry.

In the field his father stood
Muddy spade paused in calloused hands
Then, just for a moment he thought he heard
A voice from another land
But saw only a shadow
Moving across the sun
And so, he turned away
And the words were lifted
By the breeze, father I love you
For I returned, today.

And in the kitchen all was quiet
The clock tick-ticking,
The bread baking.
Bumble bee buzzed lazily
Languidly disturbed
A child sat, reading
With reluctant concentration
And his wife, her head inclined
Looking at the door, creaking open,
Then he said, now, as if from far away
My wife and son I love you both
For I am here, today,
But all they heard was bird-song
And the river, rushing by
And they did not see the soldier
Coming home to say, Goodbye.