Stain Glass Window A prayer: Peace, for the world, for all humankind
Stewart Ivins Musician, Stewart Ivins.
Isla Martin Isla Martin
Abernyte by Stephen French Abernyte
Stephen French B.A. M.Phil


One night, she took me, in sleep, an angel
Passing, high above over river and glen
And meadow and farm, a spectral wraith
A spirit, weightless, looking down
At this world of men
Then to the little church, at Abernyte
Looming, from the loaming darkness,
Forming slowly, in my sight,
Some strange dream where I saw the fields,
Furrowed dreels in the moonlight, pale,
Asymmetrical lines of poetry in the night.

They stood together, where they gathered
The Ploughman, leather bridle held in calloused hand
As one with the singers, the children of Warsaw,
Stalingrad, Dresden and Oradour, their infant voices
Raised in song.

The suffering of the ages was gone now,
It had been banished to that dark – dark place
From where it had gone, forevermore,
In that moonlight hour, with no race or language
To divide them, they sang, this ghostly choir
An elegy for the world, a hymn of hope
That all war will cease, to right the wrong
This child’s prayer for peace.
Two hundred voices, perhaps, filled the air
Harmonious, in the night, two hundred tiny souls
Gathered in the darkness to embrace the light.

Two hundred defenders of an eternal flame,
But then, from over the Sidlaw Hills,
The big battalions came, ten thousand, more
Had heard the call, from Sand Creek, Goradze
Mai Lai and every other distant devastated shore,
To sing for peace, their banners unfurled
The Ploughman standing alone, no more.
Demanding justice, liberty and live and nothing less,
For all of the children of the world.

She turned to show her kind, fair face
And in that incandescent moment
As the angel smiled, a brilliant light
Bathed Abernyte, at the dawning
Of this new day.  She was the mother
Of the human race, the heart and soul
Of every child.  She spoke then,
God bless all of the children of the world
For they are precious
In Gods sight.  These words
The Angel spoke to me, and to us all
High above the fields of Abernyte

Abernyte: a painting by Stephen French B.A. M.Phil

On Sunday May 12, 2002, a specially written poem ‘Abernyte’ was presented to the Reverend Diane Hobson at Abernyte Church.
Ploughman and a print of the painting of the poem by Scottish Artist, Joy Bird, were also presented.
Also present was musician Stewart Ivins, who played acoustic guitar and sang the Robert Burns song ‘Green, Grow The Rashes ‘O’.
Abernyte poem dedicated to my mother, Isla Martin
1923 - 2007.

Abernyte sketch

"For the years now, have no meaning
You have beaten time, at last,
Just a girl again, by the school gates
And the present is the past".

Isla Martin