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Artist Roy Harrison

Artist Roy Harrison.

Mennies Bar

Mennies Bar, Dundee
Mennie’s Bar, Perth Road, Dundee. Permission given by Jonathon Stewart.
Painting by Roy Harrison. Commissions welcome.

Article ‘By Craigie’, The Courier & Advertiser.

I’ve heard of going to a pub and then painting the town red but, in a twist to this, Jonathon Stewart, proprietor of The Speedwell Tavern – Mennies Bar, Perth Road, Dundee – commissioned artist Roy Harrison to paint the exterior of the bar (as an art work not a decorating job!) and the result can be seen here.

Coincidentally, some months ago poet Scott Martin of Dundee gifted a poem, titled ‘If Ever I could Meet You’, to Jonathon for the pub, unaware that a painting of the well-known tavern was nearing completion.

Scott’s poem begins:

If ever I could meet you
In the little lane, by Mennie’s Bar,
I would say all of the things
Which I never said
Of how little we have changed
And how different we are.

Says Scott, “It was with great pleasure that I found, on a recent visit to the pub, that both painting and poem are framed and displayed. Hundreds of people have read the poem and seen the painting and many people, from Dundee and abroad, have said how much they have enjoyed seeing them together.”