John Wayne John Wayne
Godzilla Godzilla
Creature from the Black Lagoon Creature from the Black Lagoon

Astoria Nights

In threadbare suit and with rubber torch
Faggy prowled his dark domain.
His poison breath, like the kiss of death
Washed over us like acid rain.

In vermilion gloom, a solitary light,
Lurked Sadie with ices and chocolate limes,
She lured the posh seats as moths to her flame
Well beyond the pockets of the one and nines.

Older boys and girls, cheeky, at the back.
Thirty bob suits and winkle-picker boots
Smoked and made rude signs,
Looking up in fright
Caught, in Faggy's searchlight
Picking through the lines.

Steve Reeves, Godzilla and big John Wayne
Our heroes of the silver screen,
They fed and nourished our childhood dreams,
And filled our heads with crazy schemes,
Only the dreams remain.

The cinema's gone now, without a trace,
No sign or plaque marks Faggy's place,
No creaky seats and lino floors
No noisy plumbing nor deco doors.
No mad usher, creeping around,
The Astoria's gone now,
The curtain's down.

For Mick Marra and Chris Rattray, fellow Astoria Nighters.