Balgay park
Balgay park
Balgay Park

We wandered, my son and I,

Past fallen angels, faces carved in stone,
Their sightless eyes, greened with age
Smiled kindly upon man and boy,
Oblivious to love, blind to joy,
Seeing not the gathering gloom
Or the child's hand holding my own,
Nor the decay of neglect around them, strewn.

Realms of destruction, sown by a human hand.
Beauty, blighted by stupid youth,
Alone the cupids and the angels stand,
Blind to brutality, indifferent to truth.
A place of peace, marble and stone,
Father and son, flesh and blood,
The angels, and us, we stand alone.

Now dusk was falling, we quickened our pace,
Past petrified flowers, the scent of decay,
The leaves rustled softly in the gentle breeze,
The rusting gate closed, and night followed day.

For Richard, Balgay Hill Cemetery, Dundee, 1994.