Queen Victoria & Prince Albert Queen Victoria & Prince Albert wedding dance
Prince Charles Edward Stuart Prince Charles Edward Stuart,
Highland Dance Highland Dancer

Soldiers of the Queen

Charlie, the bonnie prince,
Smiles out to me and others
From a million shortbread tins.
Royally dressed in tartan,
Unblooded claymore by his side,
A penurious Italian suitor
Courting Scotland for his bride.
With the promise of a wedding
He used her like a whore
And deserted her lost and bleeding
Upon Drummossie moor.
The dream died with the clansmen
Who lie beneath the cairns,
Memorials to rape and murder
And the tears of hungry bairns.

So gie's the tartan and the flags,
The animal skins, full o' blaw,
The myths and legends o' battles, past
And never mind the truth, ataw.

With false history upon your back
You'll double-quick march around the square,
It will drive you on until it's done
That's how the battles, and the riches, were won.

That's how the Empire was created,
Poverty and racism, by greed, were mated.
No more than a simple slave yourself
For your Master's crumbs you would steal their wealth.

I think of the Scotsmen who carried her weapons,
Who lie, far away, in the Empire's dark soil,
They came from the croft and city slum dwellings
They died for money, power and oil.

Victoria, keep your legends and your stories,
It's diamonds and gold that drove your lust,
I myself see other glories,
Your rifles and bayonets have turned to rust.