A Sailor's Farewell A Sailor's Farewell. By Edmund Blair-Leighton
The Dog, Sole Survivor of a Sinking Ship The Dog, Sole Survivor of a Sinking Ship.
By Bertrand Faucher

George and Sally

Frozen, forever, in their honeymoon best,
The girl, and her sailor, for the camera they smile,
Both on the altar of life's married quest
Just at the launch of love's very first mile.

The world is looking shiny and new
That fine summer's day in 1902,
George's ship waits and the klaxon he'll sound
When tomorrow they sail, for India, bound.

His bride awakens in the warm morning air,
She reaches to touch his fine tousled hair,
Once again they love, lost in time,
But the ship, she's still waiting, by pier number nine.

Down in the furnace her jealous heart beats
Red hot with anger at her true love's deceits,
Burning with rage, a passion profound,
But she'll have her revenge when she's Empire bound.

Riding high now, the ship's underway,
And the engines are singing as they race past the bay,
The pistons are pounding but the look-out shouts
A warning to George, to come round about,
But the helm won't respond,
George stands in the spray
As they head for the black rocks which now bar the way.

The ship is abandoned, metal meets stone,
Up on the bridge, George stands alone,
I love you, I love you, the ship's siren screams
It's the end of her hopes and the death of his dreams.

It's true, hell hath no fury
As Steamship Sally goes down,
Straight to the bottom
And together, they'll drown.