Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa's eye Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci


A stranger, travelling through his day
Stopped at a house to seek the way,
There stood a woman, voluptuous and fair
With tresses of beautiful raven hair.
She then invited him inside
And promised he would be satisfied.

Naked, she stood before him
And bared her soul, I am yours
She said, I am your goal
Yes, I am the way, and I will be your destiny.

All night long they lay in love,
As close as man and woman can be,
She whispered what only she could know
And told him of the way to go.

When he awoke to the next new day,
He knew that he had lost his way,
Forever, he would seek to find,
The love, which he had left behind,
For she had shown his destiny,
And he had found his Calvary.