Cologne, Germany Cologne, Germany
Rhein Gold In the 'Rhein Gold' between Mainz and Cologne Anonymous


I awoke, to see her sleeping,so still
No sound, only of her breathing,
How her hair reflected the light
Of that dappled morning,
The stirrings of a new day
At the end of the night,
As I awoke,to see her sleeping.

I gently kissed her, and
In that moment,pledged my love
Forever, to her,as she slept
And as I awoke,to see her,sleeping.

Many - many mornings have come
And gone, since that day
When I saw the dappled - sunlight beams
Caress her face,where she lay.
If I could but reach out, now
To have her, so very close,to kiss her
Through those dappled-freckled beams
Surely, I still can see her sleeping
But only now, in dreams.

6am Stolberg, Germany, April 8th 1993