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A Ballad for the Funfair

A Ballad for the Funfair,
A Seaside town,
The Soldier and his lover,
Lost at sea and their
Final meeting, wherever that may be,
At the End of the World.

Some like Roll-a-Penny
And some prefer the stalls,
Whilst others are mad for the Waltzers
Or flick the silver balls.
But you and me, my love
We were a Roller-Coaster ride:
Our ups and downs, our highs and lows
Were always side by side.

Under an electric star, inside the car
Our sweat glued us, like fear.
You gripped me tight in close delight
Breath pounding in my ear.
Excitement as real as the spinning wheel
And the crudely - painted rides,
Behind the facade of manic - laughter,
Where only sorrow hides.

You saw me once, when you were young
In a dream, standing alone
In some god - forsaken valley,
Battered and scarred by War; false hope
Tattered by reality - like the ragged flags
Hanging listless in the violent breeze,
Washed up, like our dreams
On some sad shore, as it will be
At our final meeting, at the End of the World,
Whenever that may be, with the Sun,
Blood-red and no time for tears
For we have wept an ocean these past years
You and I,my love, so long ago now
Since you sighted land, far away, and you waited
For the tide to turn, but the light faded and died
Over the horizon, as it did
When we stood, together, on a cliff - top
Lashed by the rain of a faded seaside town
Seeing the Carnival lights through the blue - Diesel haze,
The big wheel turning, in it's orbit, like the planets.
Time, standing still for a moment, in the tinny night.
The sad laughter hushed the screams -
Silence, poised, for an eternity of bliss
On the pinnacle of delight.