On a long-ago summer afternoon, in " A city of dreams, you both have known", a youth took tea with a grand old lady. The poem, Dreamweaver, is a requiem for an actress, for a life lived in the theatre and for the loss of a husband in the icy waters of the North Atlantic. Dreamweaver is an elegy for a beautiful young girl, and a tribute, to all theatre - people.

Lady lying on couch
Leila 1892 by Sir Frank Dicksee
Leila 1892 by Sir Frank Dicksee.


The theatre is closed and stillness reigns,
The auditorium is empty and the stage is bare.
No laughter now, nor ripple of applause,
Your audience is gone, but you are there.
Imagine, for a moment, that he is waiting
In the little room, beneath the stair.
So many years since first the curtain was raised.
You sense it, again, his footfall passing,
And feel it once more, a whispered kiss,
When love was born and the lines were fresh,
Close your eyes, remember this.

How you played your part and spoke your lines,
On that opening night when the script was new.
When he was young and stole your heart,
And garlanded you with the ribbons he had made.
So deep in love, as the curtain fell,
It was the finest role you ever played.

Now you walk the aisle, the rows stand mute,
The lights are dying, the flame is low,
The curtain has fallen on this final night,
Courage, don't dare turn back - just leave, please go,
To where the streets are busy and the traffic is loud;
So many people, yet so alone,
You make your way, lost in the crowd,
Through this city of dreams you both have known.
See the neon's glare, hear the subway roar,
Bridges and buildings like old friends, stand,
Scenery, in this play of life, Dreamweaver,
Caught, for one brief moment, in your hand.

Smile, as you pass, audacious time,
Remembered now in the news - vendor's cry,
A familiar greeting through these dark streets,
Then the moment is gone, in the passing by.
Yes, so many people, yet so alone,
Pass the cafes and bar-rooms you both have known:
The gentle rain, for one sweet moment,
Is a whispered kiss, an affirmation of love;
As you walk these streets, you are never alone,
Close your eyes, remember this.

In tribute to a wonderful lady and a trouper to the very end.

"Dreamweaver,will be a very valued addition to our library." Patricia Myers - Registrar - Royal Academy of Dramatic Art - London.

"Dreamweaver, captures so much of the mystery and sadness of theatre people." Giles Havergal, Director - Citizens Theatre - Glasgow.

"Tremendous." Helen Mirren.

"You have created waves with these poems." John Wallace - Principle - The Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama - Glasgow.

"A tribute to a wonderful lady of the stage." Brian Cox.

" I loved it." Diana Rigg.

"Honoured to receive (print of) Dreamweaver." Ken Stott.