Golden Canyons In The Sky

Think of this song, remember me,
Washed up,like a wave,upon the shore,
In dreams, if not in life, you will come to me,
Always in my thoughts, forevermore.

The water is wide, and dark and deep,
The sun sets and falls, where it will die,
The clouds above, are bathed in it's glow
They are golden canyons in the sky.

As I walk away I hear the bells,
Of the old cathedral,compassionate,and wise,
The seabirds wheel and screech,above
And the traffic booms,a man alone
Under these blue skies.

Think of this song,and it shall be
A requiem for you,a prayer for me,
That we may meet,somewhere
At the very end,and the world will turn
For you,my friend.

For Billy Grumplin' - 1965 - 2009.