Ford's Lane, Dundee Ford's Lane,
By Roy Harrison
Magdalen Green Bandstand Magdalen Green Bandstand
Strawberrybank, Dundee Strawberrybank, Dundee
Le baiser de l'hotel de ville, Paris, 1950 by Robert Doisneau Top right: Le baiser de l'hotel de ville, Paris, 1950 by Robert Doisneau

If Ever I Could Meet You

If ever I could meet you
In the little lane, by Mennie's Bar
I would say all of the things
Which I never said Of how little we have changed
And how different we are.

And the kindly moon would shine his light
The dark bridge, illuminated by one sad star,
Perhaps then, on that very special night,
We would see what we were
And know who we are.

For we were lost and how far we strayed
Our memories, still as fresh, as the years passed by,
Our sorrow, heavy, for the plans we had made
Like thunder clouds in a West End sky.

I would say, then, that I love you, still,
Were you there to hear my voice
And sorry, for the wasted years, yes,
That's what I would say, had I the choice.

But the lane is empty and the pub is closed
It's lights are out and the laughter is gone,
The drinkers have wandered home in the rain
And I must walk these cobbles, again.

Yet still, through the rain, I see your face
Smiling in summer in heat and sun,
You wait, for me, by Union Place
The night has gone and our day begun.
You turn by the trees, on hearing my voice,
I love you still, and for always, yes
That's what you would say, Had I the choice.